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Where your money goes

We use your support in many ways

With any funds you raise or donations offered, we will be able to support even more carers across Bedfordshire and continue to provide a range of services so that carers feel they are supported and valued.

For many carers, social events and trips play a key role in allowing them to take a break from their caring responsibilities, socialise with their peers, and provide a much needed confidence boost with something to look forward to.

Here are some examples of what difference your support makes

  • £50 gives a carer the training they need to lift their loved one safely
  • £120 gives a dementia carer a much needed few hours break over a few weeks 
  • £1000 helps fund the carers cafes, giving up to 90 carers and the person they care for time with people who understand, and the ability to have a haircut or a treatment which could otherwise prove impossible
  • £3700 ensures the 200 carers who visit the award winning hospital Carers Lounge to continue to receive the support they need
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