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Cause for Applause


Nominations are now CLOSED

Has someone gone the extra mile for you? If you would like to give them a public pat on the back, why not nominate them for a Cause for Applause award? 

Carers are invited go public about help or a kindness that has made a difference to you. Perhaps a receptionist or shop assistant was especially patient, a professional went the extra mile or a family member or neighbour helped you out of a tight spot. It doesn't matter how longer ago it happened.

This is your chance to show your appreciation to that person - perhaps they didn’t even realise how much it meant to you at the time. We want the world to know that everyone can help carers. 

A panel of carers will look at all nominations and pick out a few for special recognition. We will give a small token of appreciation to everyone nominated. 

Nomination form

Closing date for nominations 31 August 2020 

If you would like to thank a member of Carers in Bedfordshire staff or volunteer, please use our online feedback form instead. 

Terms and conditions 

  • Closing date 31 August.
  • A nomination can only made by or on behalf of an unpaid carer who looks after a family member or friend who couldn't manage without them due to a disability or long term condition. Foster carers or people who are paid to work in care homes or domiciliary services are not eligible unless they are also unpaid carers.
  • You can nominate anyone including a family member but not a Carers in Bedfordshire staff member or volunteer. You can nominate more than one person.
  • You and the person you are nominating must live in Bedfordshire.
  • You can tell the person that you are nominating them. We will need to contact them. 
  • You cannot nominate a service or agency.
  • We may use your nomination for promotional purposes and may contact you and your nominee for a photograph. 
  • A Panel will read all nominations and identify any for special mention  
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