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Who is a Carer?


Many people do not see themselves as ‘carers’ but as a relative or friend of someone who needs them

Try asking these questions and if the answer to most of the questions is “YES”, and you or the person you care for lives in Bedfordshire then we are here for you:

  • Do I look after or help support a family member or friend who needs additional support?
  • Do I help out with their practical household tasks?
  • Do I help with their personal care?
  • Do I provide them with emotional support?
  • Do I help with sorting out their paperwork?
  • Do I help them with making or attending appointments?
  • Do I assist with their medication?
  • Do I help them to prepare meals?
  • Am I relied upon as transportation for them due to disability or old age?
  • Do I support them without a formal wage?

A carer is someone of any age who spends a significant amount of their life providing unpaid support to a relative, friend or neighbour who is ill, frail, disabled or with additional needs.

Carers can be any age, ethnicity or gender and may or may not have a job. You can  be carers for differing amounts of time and for more than one person at a time. You are a carer even if the person you care for has not had any formal assessment or claims any benefits.
The majority of carers struggle silently, not knowing what help is available to them. At Carers in Bedfordshire we support carers from 4 years old through to 90 years old and from all care groups including Learning Disabilities, Mental Health, Dementia, Physical Disabilities.

Adult Carers – caring for anyone over 18 years with a physical or medical condition
Parent Carers– caring for a dependant under 18 years with any condition or special needs
Read more about Parent Carers
Mental Health Carers– caring for someone with a mental health issue
Read more about Mental Health Carers 
Learning Disability Carers – caring for an adult who has learning disabilities
Read more about Learning Disability Carers
Dementia Carers – caring for someone who has Dementia, Alzheimer’s or memory loss
Read more about Dementia Carers
Young Adult Carers – carers who are aged between 18 and 25 years looking after a relative or friend
Read more about Young Adult Carers (18-25yrs)
Young Carers carers who are aged between 4 and 17 years looking after a relative or friend
Read more about Young Carers (4 - 17 yrs)
Former Carers – carers whose relative they cared for has passed away
Read more about Former carers

Carers Facts

  • There are 7 million known carers in the UK
  • Three in five people will be carers at some point in their lives in the UK
  • There are an estimated 40,000 carers in Bedfordshire alone
  • 15% of English households contain a carer
  • Every year 2.1 million people become carers
  • In the UK 42% of carers are men and 58% are women
  • The economic value of the contribution made by carers in the UK is £132bn per year.

Source - Carers Trust

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