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Free Wills Service


Carers in Bedfordshire and McClure Solicitors are working together to offer a free will-writing service.

We all know we need to have a will to say where we would like our assets to go after our death. Carers in Bedfordshire and McClure Solicitors are working together to offer a free will-writing service.

  • McClure will write your will free of charge
  • They can also check and update your existing will free of charge
  • All they ask is that you consider making a donation to charity

How does it work?

You will have two appointments with an Estate Planning Consultant. At the first, you will talk about what you want your will to include. In the second, you will check and sign your will.

During lockdown, appointments are being held by video call.

This process is free but your consultant will ask if you want to make a donation to charity. This will be a donation that you make there and then, not a legacy gift in your will.

During your appointment, the consultant may recommend other products,e.g. Power of Attorney or a Family Protection Trust, if they think they will be useful to you. These productsare not free but you will not be put under any pressure to buy them.

For more information, see McClure’s website:

Contact McClure Solicitors to make an appointment:

  • 0800 852 1999
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Why are Carersin Bedfordshire working with McClure?

There are lots of organisationswho will write a will for you. McClure are just one option and we want to be transparent about why we are promoting them. Carers in Bedfordshire will benefit if you make a donation to us in exchange for your free will. If you take up another of McClure’s services (e.g. Power of Attorney), they will make a donation to us.

We want you to choose the option that is right for you. Please do not feel under pressure to choose McClure Solicitors.

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