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Photo competition

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To celebrate Carers week, we are inviting you to enter a photography competition.  

Photography Competition - Me and My Caring Role 

To celebrate Carers Week (7 - 13 June) we are inviting you to enter a photography competition.  

The topic is ‘Me and My Caring Role’. We would like you to take between one and three photos that represents you in your caring role. 

  • Show us how you feel about your role as carer and highlight how being a carer impacts you and your life. It is a chance to make yourself in your caring role visible to the world. 
  • Think about what your caring role entails: the daily tasks you undertake, household chores, helping the person you care for get around or how you help the person you care for with their feelings.
  • Then think about how you might capture your story and reflect the caring role you play in one to three images. 

This is your story

  • Given this is about your story and your role, think about putting yourself in the frame.
  • You might also want to invite the person you care for or others to be in the photo with you (though please do check with them first that they are happy to take part).
  • We also encourage you to be creative and think about how else you could convey your feelings and show yourself in the role. 

There is no right or wrong way to do this - what we are after is your perspective.

The key is to make the photograph an image that reflects the journey you are on. 


The competition 

We have four age range categories for the competition, and three prizes per category 

Children  Age 4-7,  Age 8-12, Age 13-17     

Adults 18 and over  

  • In your submission you may send up to three images. Whether you submit 1, 2 or 3 images they will count as one single entry.
  • You may add a title if you wish and write up to 100 words to accompany your photo/s but you can also submit the photos without any writing. 
  • The competition is free to enter. keens shay keens logo
  • There will be three prizes for each of the age categories and we will publish entries on our website too.
  • Our thanks go to Keens Shay Keens Ltd Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers (KSK), who is sponsoring the event and donating all the prizes.

Carers in Bedfordshire would like to use photographs that are submitted on our website, social media pages and in our promotional materials, to allow us to portray real images of the Carers that we support. We will send you a consent form so you can let us know if you are happy for use to use your photos. You can enter the competition whether or not you give us permission to share your photos.  


  • Please ensure your images are taken by you 
  • If the person you care for or anyone else is in your image/s, you should indicate whether they are happy for Carers in Bedfordshire to use their image in the consent form we will send you.  
  • All submissions must be made before 12.00 pm on June 1st 2021 

Please make sure you include your name and age if under 18 when you send the images to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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